At Lighthouse Tutoring, literacy is one of our priorities. Without it, all subjects become challenging or impossible to learn. Math, science, social studies, language arts, fine arts, and languages all require substantial ability to read, follow directions, and respond to written text. Reading is something that many of us take for granted, but we forget how hard it once was.

Our reading program will help fill in areas that are hindering progress at the current level. We will then take those skills and begin to push your student to the next level and beyond. We like our students to be about 2 years above their current grade level with respect to reading. This ensures ease of transfer between grades, allows time to focus on other challenging subjects, and encourages confidence and a positive attitude toward school.

Often, when students struggle in any subject, it comes down to reading comprehension and vocabulary development. We like to work on these skills independently initially, but then bring them together to build confidence in reading longer passages and longer text.


Who can we help?

We can help readers of any grade. The vast majority of students who need help with reading are typically Kindergarten through 9th grade. That doesn’t mean we can’t help if the student is older.


How do we help?

We have several different skill development plans. Since each student learns differently, one-program- to-fix-them-all doesn’t work for us. Some students need pure text with no distractions, some students need fun graphics to keep their attention, and some students do well with computer/device-based skill development. We can help any student once we figure out their learning nuances.


What are the next steps?

First, we schedule an assessment to pinpoint skills that are strong and skills that are weak.

Second, we come up with a solution that will meet your goals and your child’s needs.

Third, we figure out a payment plan that works for your family.

Fourth, we coordinate a schedule for your child.

Finally, we begin the process of developing your student into an independent learner.