Skipping is NOT Bad

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Skipping is NOT Bad

Skipping a question (or several) on a test is not an admission of failure. In fact, it’s actually more like “buying time.” On any given quiz, test, or exam, you, as the student, have quite a bit of information saved in your brain. At times, the highway of information gets into some traffic. When that happens, often times you feel like you’ve forgotten something. But the truth is, you haven’t, it’s just not getting through at the moment. The information is trapped in the traffic jam and just not able to get through.

When that happens, instead of fighting through the question, you are better off forgetting about it temporarily and working on another question. Getting through one or more questions can sometimes unlock the path that the skipped question needed to process the answer. This can happen at any moment during the exam. When it does, listen to yourself and trust that you’ve just made the necessary connection.

If, you’ve made it through the entire test, and you return to the skipped question(s) and you still don’t know how to answer them, there is a good chance you just missed that while studying and so you have a legitimate case for guessing.

Guessing has it’s own strategy and that will be determined by the type of exam you are taking and the subject matter of the exam. We will discuss guessing-strategies in a future article.

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