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5/22/20 We will be reopening our office on Monday, June 1st. We want to thank you for your patience. Please check out our summer sessions. We know that 2 1/2 month of education was lost, so we want to help all of our students get ready for the next school year. Don’t wait too long!! All our programs this summer are discounted between 35%-40%.

5/12/20 Riverside County submitted a local variance attestation based on the meeting today and the 5-0 vote in support of reopening. It will be reviewed by the governor’s office (hopefully this week) and if approved, we’ll be able to resume operations.  Depending on the result, our plan is to resume “in office” tutoring on Monday, June 1st. That will put us right at the beginning of summer.  If we are unable to begin then, we’ll let you know.

5/4/20 Governor Newsom moved us into Phase 2 (sort of). He’s supposed to give further information on Thursday. The County of Riverside held their meeting yesterday, but they opted to table the topic in light of Newsom’s proposed Thursday briefing. They did vote to have an emergency meeting on Friday at 1:00 so they could make a decision after Newsom’s comments. The proposal for the emergency meeting was Mr. Hewitt’s idea (5th County District Representative). The Temecula Representative for the county is Mr. Washington.

5/1/20 Currently the guidance is to remain closed through June 19th.  HOWEVER, we are remaining closed through May 15th with plans to reopen on Monday, May 18th.  We will continue to monitor the situation and keep you updated if we plan to stay closed beyond May 18th.  Riverside County is voting tomorrow about whether to maintain the stay-at-home order or to release the businesses to decide for themselves. We are hoping for the latter.  Thank you all for your patience thus far!

4/15/20 Check out the updates to the AP Testing for this year. They’ve updated the format, requirement, dates, and eliminated some topics on each exam.  Text us if you have any questions.  Please click on the link to view/acknowledge our updates specific to our current process due to the Corona Virus:  UPDATES

4/9/20 Please click on the link to view/acknowledge our updates specific to our current process due to the Corona Virus:  UPDATES

4/7/20  We are getting quite a few students signed up. That’s great! We know times are tough, but we also know that education doesn’t stop.  We are glad we can provide support.  Couple quick things to note: 1. Because we are doing remote tutoring, the timing is much more strict with regard to starting times and stopping times.  The tutors have sessions before and after yours in many cases, so they need to hold firm.  If adjustments need to be made, please email me: or text me: 602.888.6709 and we’ll coordinate those together.  2. Due to our increased inability to modify/change last minute, anything scheduled and within 24 hours of starting will remain as is, (meaning the full session will count, even if only part if it is used.)  Please be prepared to use the time, so have questions ready.  We are all in this together and we’ll help each other get through.

4/3/20 TVUSD announced on 4/1 that schools will remain physically closed through 6/19/20.  Distance learning will resume on Monday 4/6.  We’ve already begun our remote tutoring sessions and will continue to provide educational support for all our current families and any new students who require assistance.  Please reach out if you need help.  Text: 602.888.6709 Email:  We can help with all the same material as before!

4/1/20  Most of you have received the note from TVUSD.  While not official yet, they did preemptively warn that school may remain virtual for the remainder of the semester, but officially, it still set through April.  We will mirror this and adjust our closure date through April 30th instead of April 5th.  We’ve been tutoring  for over a week now using Zoom and it’s been wonderful so far.  Keep the requests for days/times coming and we’ll get you assigned.  Our tutors have been doing fantastic and our families and students as well.  Keep your spirits up, but most of all, BE SMART, STAY SAFE!  Text: 602.888.6709 Email:

3/26/20 at 1:30 PM  We have decided that we will be using Zoom to coordinate meetings remotely.  We can send links ahead of time so all you’ll need to do is click on the link to access the session.  Thank you for your patience while we get this up and running.  Keep sending in your requests for days and times.  We are getting you all assigned.  We love our families and you have all been awesome!  Be smart, stay safe.

3/24/20 at 9:00 AM  We are pleased to announce that we are ready to launch a service for our students that will facilitate remote tutoring during this unique time period. While we wholeheartedly believe that nothing can replace in person, student to tutor interaction, we will do our best to adapt as necessary and we are confident in our ability to continue to provide high quality services to our students.  Please understand that this is a big adjustment for all and there will be some kinks to work out along the way.  However, with the help and commitment of our amazing staff and students we will persevere and do our best to continue to ensure each individual’s success in their academics to close out the semester.

Since most schools are on spring break, we understand that you may not have a need for services until school returns. No problem, please reach out when you are ready to resume tutoring.

For our students that do require tutoring services at this time, to include but not limited to, our private schools still in session, college students unexpectedly home but still engaged in classes, AP students who need to stay on top of their class material, and students preparing to take the SAT/ACT, please read the following:

1. We have created a Google Classroom Code: DOES NOT APPLY. Although you do not need a google account (school google accounts will not work), it does make it easier to access.
2. The Google Classroom is primarily set up to facilitate coordination with documents and for the tutors to provide their link to Google Hangouts for video conferencing.

3. Tutoring will now be available in 15 minute intervals as opposed to requiring one hour sessions (see item 8 for payment/use information).  This will allow those with only a handful of questions to receive the help they need more directly and without the requirement to save up questions.  You can still schedule more time :30, :45, :60 if needed as many of the more advanced courses will still require more help.  The duration of scheduled sessions will have to be strictly adhered to except in cases where the tutor has time available.

4. Temporary Cancellation Policy Modification:  Due to unique scheduling/demand of remote support, cancellations will have to be 24 hours in advance in order to provide time for updating availability and tutor coordination.  The also applies to time scheduled that is not used during the session.  For example, if 45 minutes is scheduled, but only 30 minutes is needed, we cannot credit back the 15 minutes of unused time.  Please understand that this is not for any other reason than providing support to all students who need it.

5. To schedule regular sessions or special sessions, please contact Jason by text: 602.888.6709 or email:

6. Our sessions will occur between 2:00 PM and 5:00 PM.  Additional times may be added in the future once we figure out how the schools are going to structure their time.

7. Days will be Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday to start.  Again, additional days may be considered in the future.

8. For payment purposes, sessions will still be counted as 1 hour.  For example, 15 minutes will count as one-fourth of a session, 30 minutes will count as one-half of a session, and 45 minutes will count as three-fourths of a session.

3/21/20 at 7:15 AM  We have created a Google Classroom to facilitate providing service.  We are working on procedures now and know that you all are working on school procedures.  Many of the schools are currently on Spring Break, but some are not.  Our goal is to have our procedures in place by Monday afternoon and get you the information by Tuesday morning.

3/20/20 at 5:00 AM  CALIFORNIA HAS ISSUED A STAY AT HOME ORDER.  This has affected our plan for remote support, but we have shifted to new possible solutions.  We are not stopping.  We understand you’ll still need support, but we also know that you and your students are still figuring out how school is going to work.  We are all in this together and we want to support you and your needs.  Although we obviously feel that education is important, we also know that health and safety is MORE important.  Please do the things you know you need to do to stay safe and healthy and we’ll continue to figure out a way to help with the educational support component.  Be smart, stay safe!

3/19/20  at 9:30 AM  We are exploring the use of Google Hangouts to provide tutoring service beginning next week (23 March).  Google Hangouts can be accessed through your Gmail account on a phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop with video camera and voice input.  Keep checking back for updates.

3/17/20 at 11:30 AM  We have officially made the difficult decision to close beginning 3/17/2020 through Sunday, 4/5/2020.  We hope to resume sessions beginning Monday, 4/6/2020.  We will continue to monitor the situation and keep you updated of any changes.  Please follow the recommendations of the President and the CDC.  (President).  We are a strong and resilient community and we will get through this.  Health and safety are vastly more important than education at this point.

You will not lose any currently scheduled sessions, so those will be available for future use.

If we can provide remote support, we will let you know and will make effort to do so. Please understand the unique challenges with regard to coordination, subject availability, subject variety, and age variety.

If you have any questions, please contact us: Text: 602.888.6709 or email:

Stay safe and keep learning!

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