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We hope you have enjoyed the summer as best you could under the circumstances. It hasn’t been easy for most of us, and we understand that. We want to thank our community for their support and trust this summer as we helped many students get caught up and even get ahead with their knowledge. LOTS OF HARDWORKING STUDENTS!! Great job! 

Lighthouse Tutoring
Lighthouse Tutoring
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Schools will start empty (most of them)

We know this will be an adjustment for you and will create new challenges for many students and parents. We, at Lighthouse Tutoring, will be open and ready to help our families.

We’ll be closed the week of 8/10 to reset for the school year

Next week is our last week of summer. We’ll be closed the following week to prepare for the school year. Starting 8/17 our schedule will return to our school-year hours and we will also be adding Friday this year. Please click here for the 2020/2021 hours of operation.

We’ve modified our weekly plans to account for the new format

In order to better assist our families, we’ve modified our normal weekly/monthly plans to better serve you! Since we all have made the necessary adjustments in our daily lives, this format is our adjustment to ease the burden and household tension that can and will emerge. Please click here for the new options and pricing.

Cancellation Policy

There will be a slight update to our session cancellation policy. Once it is updated, a google form will go out so you can read and acknowledge.  It will not be a huge change and the difference will be noted at the beginning so you’ll know.  You should expect that in the next couple weeks. Current Session Cancellation Policy