The investment associated with tutoring can sometimes feel overwhelming. We understand that. The way we structure the investment varies based on need and payment option chosen. We have 6 payment options.


Hourly Plan

  • Calculated based on a predetermined length, usually monthly.
  • This option is reserved for those who desire to come only once per week.
  • Not recommended long term.

Extended Plans

  • Based on approved credit.
  • Ideally for longer term needs or families with multiple students.


  • Bronze 14% Savings
  • Silver 20% Savings
  • Gold 24% Savings
  • Platinum 28% Savings

0% (No Interest) Plans

  • Bronze 105% Savings
  • Silver 14% Savings
  • Gold 18% Savings


  • 6%-10% Savings
  • No Contract
  • Month-to-month

Homework Spotlight

  • Monthly option for homework help only.
  • Recommended for those who have a B- or better and just want help keeping up with the homework.

With all five payment options, the hourly varies between $36-$50 and the monthly can vary between $240-$375 on average.

To discuss further and to see which plan works best for you, please contact us to schedule an appointment.

We want to make this part as simple and smooth as possible since our focus is on helping your student, not on trying to pull every penny from your wallet.

We do offer special deals from time to time, so check back often to take advantage!

The assessment fee for testing your child in Reading, Writing, and Math is $60 at the time of the assessment. If paying by phone or in person at the time of scheduling, the fee is only $40. The fee covers all three subjects regardless of when they are taken so you will not have to pay extra to test another subject. Note: if you sign up for one of our prepayment plans or no interest plans, the amount paid for the assessment will be deducted from the total.

All discounted plans (whether listed here or offered as a special deal) are discounted at the completion of the hours used. This means that if a refund is needed, the calculation will be based on hours used at the regular rate of $50/hr used. There is a processing fee of $250 for all financing options and a $50 fee for all monthly/prepay/special deals plans.