How to Cancel a Session

Notice of Cancellation Policy (Cancelling a Session)

  1. If you must cancel a session, notice must be sent via text (602.888.6709) or email ( no later than 8:00 AM the day of scheduled tutoring. This is the ONLY way that your cancellation will be recognized as an Excused Absence.
  2. An Excused Absence means that your session is not counted and will be available for future use as a “make-up day.”
  3. Please, do not cancel by calling and/or leaving a voicemail. It will not be recognized as an excused absence.
  4. If not received by 8:00 AM the day of scheduled tutoring, the hour will count as a completed tutoring session.
  5. If it is considered an excused absence, please schedule your “make-up” session as soon as possible. Note: due to normal scheduling conflicts, it cannot be guaranteed that scheduling on off-days be at the same time as your normal session time.