Homework Spotlight RULES


  • Homework Spotlight is for independent work.
  • Tutors will be available for assistance on a limited basis.
  • If more help is desired/required, please schedule an additional tutoring session.
  • If a student requires help that exceeds more than 20 minutes in a 60 minute period, it will count as a tutoring session.
  • If the student fails to remain productive or becomes a distraction or disruptive to other students, they will be asked to speak to the director. At that time, it will be determined whether or not to allow te student to use Homework Spotlight for the remainder of the day. If not, they will be asked to gather their belongings and to to the front entrance until their session begins or until their parent(s)/guardian(s) pick them up, whichever is appropriate.

*** If student is not performing at grade level or unable to keep up, we will recommend tutoring.

  1. Students are to remain quiet and productive at the Homework Spotlight table.
  2. Inappropriate behavior or usage will not be tolerated.

The earlier you develop and maintain good habits, the more successful you will be in the future.