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How can we help you?

We know it's not easy looking for the right place to get help for your student.  Please see if any of these frequently asked questions can provide some of that help.

Getting Started

What is the first step?
We always like to start with a quick meeting. It usually takes about 10-15 minutes and allows us to hear what you may be struggling with and/or your goals. Once we understand that, we can then let you know if and how we can meet your needs.

Who should attend the initial meeting?
While it's preferable to meet with both parents (if applicable) and the student, we know that's not always possible. The director likes to make sure everyone hears the same thing and wants to ensure that everyone is on the same page with the objectives and plan.

Is there an assessment? Is it required?
Yes, there are three assessments. No, they are not required. The math assessment is preferred for K - 8th, (9th, if your student is struggling with Algebra I). For reading and writing, we can assess the students up through 12th. The three core skills of reading, writing, and math are the primary focus of our assessments.

Does my student have to take all three assessments?
Not at all. They can if they like, but they only need to take the assessment in the subject they desire. If they do elect to take more than one, we do not recommend taking them all in one day. It's preferable to take them on separate days. The student will perform better knowing they only have to focus on one skill at a time.

What is the fee for the assessment?
The fee for the assessment is $40 at the time of scheduling or paying in advance through invoice. If paying in person on the day of the assessment, it is $60. The assessment is the same regardless of how you'd like to pay. The reason for the difference is that paying in advance ensures that the student will follow through with completing it. There is no obligation beyond the assessment if it is not desired.

What if my student does very well on the assessment?
We've had many students complete the assessment and do very well. Depending on which assessment and how well, we'll either recommend pushing the student further ahead (to prevent boredom and bad habits), or recommend changing habits and routines to improve grade performance. We will NOT needlessly recommend tutoring if we cannot see how we can provide value that matches your goals.


How come you don't have exact prices on your website?
We do list price ranges in our investment tab under about. But you are right, we do not list exact prices. Since each family has a unique set of circumstances (student, goals, schedule, classes, payment method, single student vs. multiple students, etc.) it would be difficult to list prices for all the different scenarios. We like to treat each family according to their own situation and we feel it's fair to do so. The ranges on the investment page are quite accurate for 99% of our families and it gives you an idea of what your investment might look like.

If paying monthly, when are the payments due?
Payments are due by the 7th of each month for that month. For example, payments for tutoring in May are due by May 7th. All other payment options have their own payment schedule as discussed with the director.

Why do I pay the same amount monthly even though there are more/less days in that month?
The attendance calendar does not match the monthly calendar perfectly. The attendance calendar was created to make sure that there are four weeks in each month. This keeps the payments equal for every month (except December). To view the attendance calendar, go to our main page and click on the badge titled Attendance Calendar in the appropriate year.

How come if we bring a friend, we cannot split payment?
This question doesn't come up often, but it does occasionally. The tutoring fees are per person and each tutor has limited space. It's similar to fees for dance class or piano lessons.

Can I make a payment online?
All of our payments are sent out via email and can be paid online through the email. We use Square payments, so transactions are secure. We'll be working on a pay-on-your-own feature soon.


Why does my session count even though I did not attend?
Your session counts when you do not attend and because you did not cancel by 8:00 AM on the scheduled day of your session. If you cancel by 8:00 AM of the day of your scheduled session, your day will be saved and you can use a make-up day. Please refer to the “How to Cancel Your Session” page for further information.

Why do I have to cancel a session by 8:00 AM?
Any cancellation must be done by 8:00 AM because this allows the director and tutors to be notified of any changes before they start their day. This also gives other parents the ability to schedule last minute sessions because of tests/quizzes. Since you may also need to schedule a last minute session at some point, we want other parents to give you the ability to fill a known empty spot.

Why do I have to cancel by email or text only?
You have to cancel by email or text only so that there is a written record of your cancellation. This allows us and you the ability to keep an accurate record of when the session was cancelled.

Can I come earlier than the scheduled time of my session? Will I be charged?
If you would like to come in earlier than the scheduled time of your session, please text, email, or call for availability. If it is available, you may cancel your originally scheduled hour and replace it with the earlier time for that day. No additional charges will apply. If, however, you need to cancel, your later session, please follow the guidelines of cancelling by 8:00 AM of the day of tutoring.

What happens if I'm late to a session? Can I stay longer to get my full hour?
If you arrive late, you are still scheduled to stay until the end of your scheduled session and cannot extend the time. Because you had already scheduled your session to be between a specific time slot, staying later would require rescheduling or adding time (if available). Tutors do not always have time available after the scheduled ending due to the starting times of other students.

Can I request a specific tutor? Will it cost more?
Yes, requesting a specific tutor is possible. The cost may be increased if this inhibits the tutor from being able to be freely scheduled otherwise. We make every effort to accommodate, but due to certain inabilities to induce restrictions, cost must be factored if the demands on the tutor are over and above what is normally expected.


Why don’t you recommend the hourly plan?
If you are in need of raising your grades or do not understand the material from your class, coming in for help sparingly will not be as beneficial as coming in a set number of times a week. We don’t recommend the hourly plan because if you want to see a change in your grades and school performance, a consistent program is suggested. For example, having a set schedule of coming in to tutoring twice a week creates consistency in getting extra help. It takes time to start seeing results. By making it a habit of coming in for help and getting work done a certain number of days out of the week, you are putting yourself in a position for success.

Why aren’t you open on Fridays?
There are two reasons for this. First, many families like to begin their weekend early. This induces a higher-than-normal volume of cancellations. To reduce the number of cancellations, thus saving your unnecessary costs, we close Friday. Second, many students “turn off their brain” beginning around noon on Friday. Few students are as productive as they could be. Interestingly enough, most students have the ability to focus better on Saturday than they do on Friday afternoon. We recommend Saturday if coming on another day during the week becomes challenging.

Can I do private sessions on Fridays?
No, we are closed on Fridays.

One-on-one versus Group

Attacking the Problem vs Waiting for Help
Our main goal is to create self-sufficient learners that are independent and confident. We all make the students at least start the process of solving/answering questions before we step in to assist. The ability to have the confidence and courage to begin tackling the problems/assignment in spite of the possibility of being wrong is such an important skill, because when it comes down to performing well on a quiz/test, the student must know that they can. Sometimes it can take months or even years to master that ability. We allow students to begin answering the question(s) on their own so that it can be observed where the sticking points are.

Dependent Learner vs Independent Learner
We understand that it may be more comfortable, especially initially, for a student to have a tutor one-on-one, but after years of tutoring we have observed that students in one-on-one situations for an extended period of time develop a dependency on having the tutor being "there" in order to begin the first step and then to walk them through subsequent steps. For that reason, we do not schedule one-on-one tutoring. On a limited basis (say once every month or so) one-on-one is not harmful and it will happen naturally from time to time at our office due to scheduling changes and conflicts with our student’s demanding schedules.

Our students adjust to our way of tutoring quickly and are extremely successful. The fight to gain the knowledge is what makes it more permanent. If our goal was to create "customers," we would want to make the student believe that they can only achieve because of us. But our goal is to create Independent Learners that will ultimately not need us in order to succeed. I know that your student will be successful if they trust himself or herself and the process.


Why do you have so many cameras?
The cameras allow the director to check the safety of the students and tutors and to see how things are being run.

Do you have a restroom?
Yes we do. It is located in the back of the office in the little cut out.

Ask A Question

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you have. We'll get back to you as soon as possible with the information you need.