Lighthouse Tutoring has been in Temecula since 2009.

When we opened the doors, our objective was to help students succeed, keep the doors of possibility open, and help build/foster the “I-can-do-it!” mentality. As we approach our 9th year here, we’ve successfully helped many kids and many families realize that getting help is not an admission of failure or helplessness. It’s a realization that self-improvement and success starts with a light bulb; it’s an idea that pops into your head that success is possible, even in the face of struggle. Sometimes when families start with us, it begins out of frustration, sometimes anger, and sometimes helplessness.

But the two things they all have in common is HUNGER and MAKING THAT FIRST STEP.
We are passionate about what we do here and love to watch students begin to grasp what they are learning. When students bring us quizzes and tests that they are proud of, we know we are making an impact. But we also know that while we may have guided them in their efforts, the students are the ones doing the work. We make sure they get credit for what they are accomplishing.
Why do we do what we do here at Lighthouse Tutoring?

Here’s why….

All of these banners are signed by our students who have gone to these schools. This does not guarantee success, but it does keep doors open. When children struggle in school, the frustration can seem overwhelming. You can blame your child, blame yourself, blame the system, or you can call Lighthouse Tutoring. Whether your child is struggling or trying to get ahead, Lighthouse Tutoring can help. Give your child the chance he or she deserves.